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While discussing a number of topics, he dished on his lady love, Meghan Markle and her time with the Royal Family during Christmas. Actress Heather Menzies-Urich, best known for portraying Louisa von Trapp in the 1965 film “The Sound of Music,” died Sunday night.Urich said his mother died on Christmas Eve, surrounded by her children and family members.Jaelyn and Moe weren’t actually talking to ISIS recruiters.Their contacts had been undercover FBI employees the whole time. Propaganda videos, like the ones Jaelyn and Moe were watching around the spring of 2015, are on You Tube.She carried 7.50, more than enough for a taxi or train to the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul, where they planned to meet their recruiter.They would stand out, she wrote, because of her “big bushy curly hair,” but she asked the recruiter to bring a head scarf for her to wear during the rest of their journey; she was ashamed to go uncovered but scared to wear a hijab while traveling for fear of drawing attention to herself.You will find a life of meaning here, fighting for our so-called caliphate.And if you can’t come, kill somebody where you are.’”The FBI closely monitors online communities that discuss ISIS, at times running so many undercover accounts that agents end up investigating one another: An FBI policy guide, obtained and published by , notes that online investigations have “previously resulted in resources being wasted by investigating or collecting on FBI online identities,” or employees working undercover.

The vast majority of people who watch and read propaganda never act on it.

The two started dating in November 2014; she converted just a few months later.

By June, they had wed in an Islamic ceremony, although they never obtained a marriage license.

But some begin to believe that the American media offer only a “thick cloud of falsehood” about ISIS, as Jaelyn put it.

In the past three years, the FBI has invested significant resources in tracking and arresting these ISIS sympathizers in the United States.“I am not familiar with sharia,” he allegedly told the recruiter. but I feel I won’t know what all I will be doing.”Finally, it was time to leave.

The path continues from the park past modern apartments towards Wandsworth.… continue reading »

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